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PEER Group - Remote Connectivity - Remicus

Remicus™ is a secure, scalable remote connectivity solution that gives OEMs remote access to equipment and equipment data. Pronounced reh-Me-cuss, the name is a combination of “remote” and a play on the Latin word for friend, amicus.

  •  Transform your equipment support model with secure remote connectivity
  • Manage your deployed tools from anywhere and get the right experts looking at the data
  • Ease the introduction of new equipment and guarantee faster support time for issues in the fab
  • Protect your equipment and the factory from cyber threats
  • Minimize equipment downtime through better data acquisition and analysis
  • Enable machine learning for predictive maintenance and problem-solving, then engineer better tools
  • Reduce your support and maintenance costs with more proactive alerts
  • Turn information into action, while ensuring security
  • Take advantage of new Remicus features deployed via the cloud

Contact Us

Room Unit 605-607, Build 2, Xinglian Building,
No.1535 Hongmei Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
TEL: 021-5383 8811

FAX: 021-3367 8466
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
PEER Group

PEER Group opened its doors in February 1992. Back then, we had a small office and only two engineers – our founders, Bob Harris and Mike Kropp. Both had worked at ATS developing integrated assembly systems for precision manufacturing. They had an idea to develop reusable software that would connect automated equipment with factory information systems, and PEER Group focused originally on custom factory floor data collection systems.

Fast-forward a quarter of a century: today, we are a global company with headquarters in Kitchener, Canada and European headquarters in Dresden, Germany. We provide the largest portfolio of factory automation software products and we have shipped over 100,000 licenses, making us the largest supplier of automation software for OEMs and factories in the semiconductor and related industries.

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