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Tango - Axcela

Axcela™, the sputtering system has demonstrated process superiority and stability with uniformities of <0.3% 1σ over last 10 years. The easily configurable design, allows the customer to select the most optimal process for a given application. Designed for the lowest cost of ownership (CoO) and easy serviceability, each sputter chamber has the standard capability of depositing up to 3 different materials with an optional 4th material.

The Small-Batch-Cluster architecture makes this PVD system an excellent choice for most metallization applications, including BSM (Back Side Metallization), MEMS, TSV (Through Silicon Via), UBM (Under Bump Metallization) and RDL (Re-distributed Layer). Deposition thickness can be closely controlled to a few angstroms, giving absolute power to the process and manufacturing engineers to meet demanding design requirements.

The Axcela™ System Advantages

  • High Throughput
  • Low CoO
  • Small Footprint
  • Wafer Size Flexibility
  • Process Flexibility
  • Application Flexibility
  • High Reliability
  • No remote subsystems

The patented D-Source magnetron provides high target utilization with full face erosion and best class collection efficiency in the industry. Chamber and target architecture, enables the atoms coming from target to usable substrate instead of wasting on shields. D-source magnetron with delta shaped targets helps Tango meet the most demanding particle requirements with ease.


  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Tango Systems

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Tango Systems, Inc. is a leading innovator in high performance, cost-effective PVD systems. The Axcela™ platform is the first in a new line of Cluster tools, currently used in high-volume production all across the globe.

Over the last decade, Tango's flexible Axcela™ 200/300 series has supplied tools for manufacturing in the Advanced Packaging, Hard Disk Drive (both Magnetic and non-Magnetic films), Ultra-thin films, Interposers and TSV markets, all with the industry's lowest Cost of Ownership.

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