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UnitySC - 4SEE

The 4See Series ensures wafer front side, backside and edge quality by detecting, counting, and binning particles and defects during the wafer manufacturing process.The 4See Series is built on a modular approach allowing to combine several modules depending on the customer needs.


LineScan module
•High depth of focus
•High resolution
•Multi line scan
•Strong topography can be inspected
•Low sensitivity to bow/warp
•Passive autofocus by design
Deflector module
•Nanometer topographical sensitivity with full field of view
•High Throughput
•Simultaneous double side inspection
Edge module
•Full wafer edge surface inspection at high speed
•Top surface, top bevel, APEX, bottom bevel, Bottom surface
•Near edge inspection possible

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics

UnitySC is recognized worldwide as a key player in inspection and metrology, combining advanced technologies in automated optical inspection and 3D imaging with microscopy, temporal-mode interferometry, and spectrometry, which enables customers to deliver higher yields and faster time to market. Customers include the largest foundries, integrated device manufacturers, outsourced semiconductor assembly and test service providers, and R&D centers. The company provides standard and customized advanced process control solutions adapted to specific industrial needs and constraints, enabling a new era in process control. Headquartered in Grenoble, France, the company maintains offices in Taiwan and is supported by a network of representatives.

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