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DKSH Expands Exclusive Distribution Agreement With EFPBiotek in Europe

DKSH Expands Exclusive Distribution Agreement With EFPBiotek in Europe

DKSH has expanded its partnership with EFPBiotek, a leading Portuguese and Spanish manufacturer of plant-derived emollients for the cosmetics industry, in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Zurich, Switzerland, May 18, 2022 – DKSH's Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, will provide business development, marketing, sales, logistics, and distribution services for all EFPBiotek products for the personal care industry in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

EFPBiotek provides high-quality sea and vegetable origin products, sourced adhering to international sustainable fishing and procurement policies. Inspired by nature, EFPBiotek offers a range of modern and versatile raw materials to develop personal care products tailor-made to meet consumers’ needs.

EFPBiotek has once again entrusted DKSH to grow its personal care business in the three additional key markets, following its existing agreement covering Spain, France, Australia, China, the Nordics, India, Indonesia, Portugal, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. This expansion is the merit of DKSH's extensive distribution network, strong capabilities in marketing, sales, and logistics as well as its large customer base of personal care and cosmetics manufacturers in Europe. Based on all these distinguishing factors, DKSH can continue its proven track record as a trusted strategic partner.

Antonio Cacao, CEO, EFPBiotek, stated: “EFPBiotek has been experiencing a very successful expansion worldwide, side by side with DKSH. Our Upcycling and Waste Zero manufacturing philosophy leads the way for a truly sustainable cosmetic industry, helping to leave a greener planet for generations to come. The DACH markets are very mature and “green”-oriented, making it the right timing for this expansion of the alliance between EFPBiotek and DKSH.”

Yolanda Valenzuela, Director, Personal Care Industry Europe, DKSH, commented: "We are delighted to expand our partnership with EFPBiotek for the three key markets in Europe. We look forward to introducing EFPBiotek’s range of modern and versatile natural raw materials, sustainably and reliably sourced, to our large customer base in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.”