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Online shopping

Asia's e-commerce offers many promises – but the region also has many challenges.

With a strong lifestyle attachment to physical stores and shopping centers, brands must look to omni-channel integration to synchronize both offline and online consumer touchpoints. The diversity in languages, religions and cultures need to be taken into account when creating a consumer-centric e-commerce strategy. In such a dynamic e-commerce landscape, local market access and understanding becomes key to tap into the region's e-commerce potential.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of e-commerce services, including:

A tailor-made approach to setting up your e-commerce business

Whether you are new or already an e-commerce veteran, we provide e-commerce services customized to your specific needs:

  • Start small and build an e-commerce presence with lower investment. Join the DKSH multi-brand stores D-Fair or Xmart, currently available in four countries and benefit from our cross-brand promotions and special product bundles
  • Grow your sales volume by establishing an online flagship store for your brand on Asia's leading e-marketplaces such as 11street, Lazada or Tmall
  • Go big with your own e-commerce space. From developing your website to converting traffic into sales and managing your e-fulfillment operations, we offer your business holistic support
Maturity funnel
Demand creation through digital marketing
Connect to consumers along each touch point of an omni-channel purchase funnel. From driving inbound traffic to promoting social media engagement, we work with a network of digital marketing agencies to deliver a portfolio of digital marketing services and consultation.

Digital marketing services we offer:

  • Search marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing

State-of-the-art fulfillment

DKSH eases your operational complexity of online selling and marketing by managing both offline/online and B2B/B2C inventories out of a single distribution center. Our dedicated e-fulfillment teams work closely with a network of logistics partners across Asia.

Unlocking consumer insights with data analytics

The line between online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred as consumers use a varied mix of channels to research products and make purchases. Within this highly complex operating environment, consumer data is key in driving business decisions. DKSH Digital translates transactional and engagement data into business implications for our clients and brands – who is buying your products, what are their preferences and how can you more effectively target your audience.