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DKSH France Receives Platinum EcoVadis Certification for its Commitment to Sustainability

DKSH France Receives Platinum EcoVadis Certification for its Commitment to Sustainability

With a score of 77 points, DKSH France ranks among the top 1% of companies in the sector, proving that sustainable development is an integral part of DKSH’s mindset.

Miribel, France, March 16, 2022 – DKSH France, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients for the chemical, cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industries, has been recognized with the platinum medal from the French rating agency EcoVadis. According to their independent assessment method, DKSH France ranks within the top 1 percent of the best-rated companies for their ethical practices as well as social and environmental performance. EcoVadis’ methodology rates companies according to different sustainability criteria divided into the four main areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics as well as sustainable procurement.

Marking the fifth year of evaluation by EcoVadis and after having collected four gold medals previously, DKSH France has reached the highest accolade of the platinum medal. The award is testament to the company’s continuous efforts to advance its sustainable business practices in line with the DKSH Group’s core corporate value of Sustainability, by reliably and responsibly contributing to the development of markets and communities on a local level.

DKSH France has scored the Platinum award by making considerable improvements among the three pillars of DKSH’s Sustainability Framework, namely: “Our People – Our Partners – Our Planet”, including the following achievements:

  • Significant increase in the certified product portfolio
  • Attainment of the RSPO license, the global standard for sustainable palm oil
  • Implementation of an adequate traceability system
  • Deployment of CSR policy for manufacturing partners
  • Enhancement of CO2 compensation with replanting program

Marie-Paule Guay, Manager, Business Support, in charge of Sustainability development projects for DKSH France, commented: “This year, we have made particular progress in the areas of responsible procurement practices and environmental topics. We have, for example, implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct, ensuring that our standards are adhered to along the value chain. In addition, we have combined our initiative for CO2 compensation with our participation in a replanting program in France for a more positive and local impact. We are proud to have been recognized for our achievements by Ecovadis with their platinum award.”

Jean-Dominique Foulon, Managing Director of DKSH France, added: “We are honored to be awarded with the platinum rating by EcoVadis. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development on multiple levels. DKSH France’s excellent result highlights the valuable work and actions implemented over several years by our team, in close collaboration with our partners and customers who help us progress on a daily basis.”

To support its Group-wide sustainability goals for achieving 35% carbon reduction by 2025 and climate neutrality by 2030 in its own operations, DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials will focus on a number of objectives such as responsible procurement, the development of a sustainable product portfolio, and the implementation of measures to reduce carbon footprint internally and with distribution and logistics partners, while also promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for its workforce.