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Mitsubishi Matterials Corp. - Gold / Tin (AuSn) - solder paste

Gold-tin solder is widely used as die-bonding material for radio frequency and opto-electronic devices, sealing between the ceramic packages and the caps of the SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves) filter, quartz oscillator, and other applications that requires high reliability such as heat sinks.

Mitsubishi Materials Corp. Electronics has developed gold-tin solder paste which can be applied flexibly to various supplying methods, which can reduce the assembly cost.

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Chemical
Mitsubishi Materials CorporationMitsubishi Materials Corp. Electronic is a division of Mitsubishi Materials providing solutions for the semiconductor activity. Mitsubishi Materials Corp. Electronic develops chemistries based on metals and alloys related to the bumping and interconnections processes, or related to MEMS production or optical applications.
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