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Mitsubishi Matterials - Low Alpha Tin/Silver (SnAg) bath for wafer plating - SULA

The SULA/UTB SnAg bathes are dedicated to semiconductor applications for wafer plating in order to produce bumps.

Mitsubishi Materials Corp. Electronics proposes a low-alpha product range particularly adapted to the semiconductor industry. Mitsubishi Materials Corp. Electronics gets 95% of the global market share thanks to their products quality and their know-how. The flexibility and the reliability of their bathes offer a huge process window with the possibility to use current densities from 8 ASD to 15 ASD (up to 8µm/min).

Ultra low alpha plating

  • SULA TS liquid 140
  • SULA TS liquid 507
  • SULA TS liquid 512
  • SULA TS liquid 840

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Chemical
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation - Electronic materials & Components companyMitsubishi Materials Corp. Electronic is a division of Mitsubishi Materials providing solutions for the semiconductor activity. Mitsubishi Materials Corp. Electronic develops chemistries based on metals and alloys related to the bumping and interconnections processes, or related to MEMS production or optical applications.
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