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The chuck repair service is dedicated to wafer chucks damaged in device manufacturing processes to a state equivalent to new using our vast knowledge of ceramics.

• for photolithography on ASML, Nikon, Canon, ...

• for Etching/CVD on Novellus (LAM), SPTS, Anelva, Nissim, ...

Please, consult us for machine compatibilities and designs.


  • Inspection system before and after Refurbishing using a wide array of inspection facilities
  • Ability to completely remove deposits during Refurbishment
  • Ability to produce ceramic spray chucks in addition to ceramic chucks

Outline of wafer chuck regeneration

- Refurbishing chuck surfaces

  • Improvement of surface roughness
  • Restoration of flatness
  • Reshaping of dimples

- Refurbishing degraded sections

  • Rejoining of metal foil and ceramics
  • Refilling of joining layers

- Refurbishing air leaks

  • Replacing O-rings
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
NTK CeratecNTK CERATEC's core business revolves around ceramics and solutions using ceramic materials based on the latest processing and coating technology. The characteristics of ceramics are developed, such as harmlessness, chemical stability, and heat tolerance and pursue ecology through high energy efficiency and energy saving performance in semiconductor and liquid crystal product manufacturing for various cutting-edge fields like electronics and industrial machines.
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