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Electrostatic chucks and ceramic heaters can be produced by sintering materials with metallic electrodes arranged in the ceramics. We can provide electrostatic chucks and ceramic heaters catering to user needs by utilizing several material technologies. We can also provide services for the development and experimental production of electrostatic chucks and ceramic heaters according to region of use such as plasma and electron beam environments:

Electrostatic chuck with heater (ESC/Heater)

Material: AIN (Aluminum nitride)

Electrostatic chucks (ESC)

Material: Al2O3(Alumina) plate

Material: Thermal sprayed Al2O3

Ceramic heater

Material: AIN (Aluminum nitride)

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
  • Electronics
NTK CeratecNTK CERATEC's core business revolves around ceramics and solutions using ceramic materials based on the latest processing and coating technology. The characteristics of ceramics are developed, such as harmlessness, chemical stability, and heat tolerance and pursue ecology through high energy efficiency and energy saving performance in semiconductor and liquid crystal product manufacturing for various cutting-edge fields like electronics and industrial machines.
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