Decoding Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry: A Two-Part Webinar Series From Basics to Advanced Analysis October 04, 2023-October 05, 2023; Hosted on Zoom

Flow cytometry is a leading technology for single-cell analysis, enabling the study of numerous cells and the measurement of multiple parameters. The drive to better understand cell function has led to a notable shift towards more parameters, markers, and colors in a single sample.

Cytek's Full Spectrum Profiling™ (FSP™) technology represents a significant advancement in flow cytometry. This innovation facilitates panel expansion by incorporating more markers and colors per sample than previously possible. In addition, the Aurora improves resolution, allowing the identification of faintly stained or rare populations. These advances are achieved through intuitive workflows that will be familiar to flow cytometrists.

Event Information

Session 1: October 4, 2 p.m. SGT, 1 p.m. BKT; Hosted on Zoom

Introduction to Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP™)

  • Fundamentals of flow cytometry - Conventional vs. spectral flow cytometry
  • Advantages of spectral flow cytometry
  • Reagents and support tools to facilitate your journey

Session 2: October 5, 2 p.m. SGT, 1 p.m. BKT; Hosted on Zoom

Full spectrum cytometry from panel design to data analysis

  • How to plan a multicolor experiment and do panel design 
  • Best practices to get high-quality data on a multicolor panel
  • Introduction of Cytek Cloud
  • Data analysis tools for cytometry data

Our Partner

Cytek Biosciences is committed to providing powerful solutions that enable scientists to rapidly and efficiently obtain deep biological insights through high quality, high parametric datasets. We are on a mission to advance cancer and cell biology research using a powerful cell analysis technique called full spectrum flow cytometry.

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