Careers in Corporate Development


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Examples of Corporate Development Related Jobs


Investor Relations Manager

Manage and monitor relationships and ensure timely communications with current and potential investors and analysts to increase shareholder value.


Consulting Analyst

Support project managers in meeting and delivering project outcomes, including industry/market surveys and research.


Media Relations Specialist

Support the execution of media-related initiatives, including media interviews, press conferences, corporate conferences, and seminars.


Market Intelligence Manager

Manage and facilitate business intelligence by collecting, compiling, and presenting meaningful and timely market and competitor intelligence to facilitate strategy and operational decision-making.


Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

Design and execute merger and acquisitions-related activities for the Group, including due diligence, integration project management, and post-acquisition integrations.


Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

Support development and implementation of strategic and operational objectives leading to long-term profitable and sustainable business growth.


Business Processes Senior Manager

Lead and manage the design and implementation of cross-functional and market improvement projects to increase organizational and financial efficiency.