Careers in Field Marketing


Field marketing professionals play a key role in delivering information about products and services to consumers. Being responsible for driving sales and building brand awareness through interaction with consumers, you play a crucial role in bringing together sellers and buyers.

Examples of Field Marketing Related Jobs


Field Marketer/Merchandiser

Ensure products are well-merchandised for shelves and promotion displays with adequate inventory supply. Improve product facing, grouping, and positioning against competitors. Build relationships and support sales orders and promotion initiatives.


Field Marketing Manager

Manage overall field marketing efficiencies and achieve clients’ and customers’ business objectives. Manage targets, monitor promotional activities, and develop project plans. Implement target analysis, corrective action plans, and provide feedback to clients/customers accordingly.


Field Marketing Business Intelligence Manager

Drive marketing plans and develop joint business intelligence strategies with clients to focus on business growth and cost reduction. Develop account management tools for forecasting and business reviews. Conduct promotional and execution process evaluations to make improvements to current processes, products, and services.