Careers in Supply Chain Management


If you are passionate about consistently meeting the demand of customers and that product inventories are always optimized, then supply chain management is the perfect place for you. As a part of the team to ensure goods, services, and products get to customers most effectively, you are an integral part of DKSH’s promise to help our clients and customers achieve the optimum supply chain network.

Examples of Supply Chain Management Related Jobs


Supply Chain Management Supervisor

Supervise the daily supply chain operations to support growth, operational efficiencies, and service standards. Review inventory policies and procedures to improve inventory planning and control. Evaluate supply chain deficiencies and suggest standards and practices to maximize performance.


Supply Chain Management Manager

Manage and monitor the inbound and outbound supply chain functions to support growth, operational efficiencies, and service standards. Manage implementation initiatives to support client and customer solutions. Monitor procurement requests, inventory policies, and order fulfillment procedures.


Risk Prevention Manager

Manage, develop, and implement strategies to prevent and minimize business and supply chain operational risks. Build risk prevention programs and establish a business continuity plan in the event of a major disruption. Lead regular audits of operations, including facilities, machinery, and safety equipment.


Distribution Center Operations Manager

Develop and enhance distribution center strategies, policies, and processes to optimize warehouse capacity, enhance productivity and minimize costs. Plan and manage the allocation of manpower resources to ensure efficient distribution center operations. Ensure warehouses follow good documentation practices, good manufacturing practices, quality standards, and local regulations.


Warehouse Management System Manager

Manage warehouse management system (WMS) and related applications to drive efficiency and effectiveness of distribution centers and warehouses. Lead WMS implementation and upgrade projects. Define project scope, business requirements documents, goals, and deliverables for WMS.