Careers in Supply Chain Management


If you are passionate about consistently meeting the demand of customers and that product inventories are always optimized, then supply chain management is the perfect place for you. As a part of the team to ensure goods, services, and products get to customers most effectively, you are an integral part of DKSH’s promise to help our clients and customers achieve the optimum supply chain network.

Examples of Supply Chain Management Related Jobs


Supply Chain Management Manager

Manage and monitor the supply chain functions, both inbound and outbound, to support Business Unit growth, operational efficiencies, and service standards.


Risk Prevention Manager

Manage, develop and implement strategies. Plan initiatives to prevent and minimize business and supply chain operational risks.


Distribution Center Operations Supervisor

Supervise the daily distribution center operations to ensure overall efficient and effective operations.


Value Added Services Operations Assistant

Assist in value-added services relabeling and redressing operations to deliver high-quality services to clients and meet good manufacturing practice standards.


Warehouse Management System Supervisor

Design and coordinate a warehouse management system and related application systems to drive efficiency and effectiveness of distribution centers and warehouses.


Senior Transport and Supply Chain Systems Manager

Lead the development and implementation of Group-wide transport strategies and plans to ensure the efficiency of transport operations and on-time delivery with optimized costs.


Freight and Transport Assistant

Coordinate the daily operations of local transport strategies and plan to ensure delivery on time with minimum cost. This includes fleet utilization, route planning, and vendor service commitments.


Cold Chain and Supply Chain Quality Manager

Lead country supply chain audit function to ensure all operations run in accordance with DKSH global standards. Manage the cold chain to ensure optimal conditions are maintained and recovery from any incidences are in accordance with best current practices and service level agreement time frames to ensure no damage to clients' products.


Logistics Support Supervisor

Supervise the daily administration and support functions across Supply Chain Management to ensure the efficient execution of the supply chain including documentation, record keeping, cold room management, temperature mapping, and billings.


Inventory Management Manager

Manage and monitor inventory operations to ensure inventory is planned at the optimal level to meet target turns, working capital performance, and revenue growth.


Customs Compliance Assistant

Prepare and process all required documents for import and export to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and timely clearance of shipments.


Examples of Sourcing & Procurement Related Jobs


Procurement Management Supervisor

Supervise procurement strategy and plans. Identification of business requirements, supplier tender process, and procurement activities to ensure sourcing of suppliers and stocks that meet business requirements.


Purchasing Manager

Oversee the implementation of purchasing policies/procedures and manage purchasing activities to ensure sufficient stock levels are provided in a cost-efficient and timely manner.


Sourcing Assistant

Execute sourcing strategy and plans, identification of business requirements, supplier tender processes, and supplier contracts finalization to ensure sourcing of suppliers who can meet business needs.


Packaging Assistant

Repackage, relabel, and assemble sourced raw materials and products according to specifications for resale to customers.