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No company can achieve success alone. Behind every market-leading company is at least one exceptional business partner dedicated to ensuring its winning performance.

Refreshing Makeup

L’Oréal is a world-leading cosmetics group serving markets in 130 countries. With 23 global brands and a worldwide network of local production facilities, L’Oréal depends on efficient supply chain management services to deliver raw ingredients in the right quality and at the right time. Finding the right supply chain partner for their Asian markets was a key challenge.

Building on their existing relationship with DKSH France, L‘Oréal entrusted DKSH with providing supply chain services across Asia. Drawing on our supplier networks in Japan, South Africa, China, India and the USA, DKSH now ensures smooth delivery of raw materials to L’Oréal – from hair dyes to waxes, silicone, actives and preservatives.

Thanks to DKSH’s 100% delivery conformity rate, flexibility in keeping safety stock, short average lead times and delivery of pragmatic solutions for special cases, DKSH China, India, and Indonesia in 2010 were honored with the L’Oréal Supply Chain Excellence Award for outstanding performance in supplying all L’Oréal plants in Asia Pacific with high-quality raw materials. DKSH is particularly proud to have won this award for 2010, when L‘Oréal China became the group‘s number three cosmetics subsidiary and DKSH clearly played a key role in supporting L’Oréal’s impressive growth in Asia Pacific.

Market Expansion Services at work: supply chain services going all the way
DKSH’s global relationships, industry expertise and entrepreneurial spirit deliver the excellent supply chain management services our business.