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DKSH puts Eukanuba in the center stage of the dog community to boost brand and sales

Premium pet-food supplier Eukanuba, a DKSH Taiwan partner since 2003, and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the world canine organisation in over 80 countries, share a successful track record in Taiwan when it comes to enhancing dog’s health and nutrition. Eukanuba also joined forces with the American Kennel Club (AKC). These collaborations resulted in several educational programs for dog breeders who can count on the support of Eukanuba.

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The Eukanuba World Challenge (EWC) is a competition designed to bring together the top dogs from around the world to compete for the EWC-Cup and a $10,000 prize. It’s an event that attracts breeders, owners and exhibitors and aligns with the strategy focus on specialty channels. Eukanuba approached DKSH in order to increase the appeal of the national 2009 competition, to enhance breeder confidence in Eukanuba, develop sales and strengthen the brand’s position at top of mind of breed enthusiasts.

DKSH Taiwan suggested evolving the Eukanuba World Challenge from a PR event to a global commercial innovation for breeders with a significant impact on sales. The members of the partnering associations FCI and AKC were engaged as ambassadors for the brand, especially to new puppy parents. Global resources were utilized to develop a digital presence on Kennel Club and Eukanuba websites.

The new measures attracted a larger audience to the Eukanuba World Challenge in Taiwan than in previous years. The event was attended by 14 FCI representatives from Asian countries. More than 2,000 breeders participated and 803 dogs took part in the competition. The impact on sales was remarkable: Following the event sales stepped up by 56 percent within only four months. Overall, brand awareness increased and more breeders are interested in trying the products and participating in the Eukanuba World Challenge.

Market Expansion Services at work: Bringing the brand to the heart of the community
In close collaboration with the dedicated professionals of FCI and AKC, DKSH Taiwan won the interest of dog breeders and enthusiasts by enhancing attractiveness to the Eukanuba World Challenge in Taiwan and increased brand awareness and values for Eukanuba.