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Excellent teamwork enables first-rate implementation Listen with ReadSpeaker

One of the world’s leading providers of ophthalmic products markets surgical, lens care, pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the global market. DKSH Taiwan quickly gained an understanding of their needs and recreated the work process to deliver top-quality services.

Before working with DKSH Taiwan, the client and DKSH joined forces in Hong Kong, China and Cambodia. DKSH Taiwan got involved in the distribution of the surgical and intraocular lens (IOL). The client had invested heavily in the training of surgeons to implant IOLs which are used for cataract surgery and increasingly to correct other vision problems. While initially DKSH Taiwan had no previous experience in the ophthalmic segment, we quickly learned the demands of the market. The team had to climb a steep learning curve in order to adapt internal processes and systems to the needs of the client.

The Taiwan healthcare team was able to learn from countries who had already implemented solutions for this client or from similar clients. The implementation was driven by a committed team of local managers, who quickly gained an understanding of the needs of their business partner. The sales team visited every single customer, i.e. hospitals and clinics, during the first months. Moreover, they had to rapidly adapt the consignment inventory management system, including equipping and learning how to use the necessary hardware, such as scanners and database systems.

Involving experienced HEC experts from China and Thailand, as well as IT specialists from Malaysia, from the start was a relevant success factor. Even though DKSH Taiwan’s healthcare team had no specific experience in the IOL segment, we were able to immediately take responsibility for this highly specialized distribution business. The international network support, as well as the team’s commitment and can-do attitude, led to highly satisfying business results very soon and contributed to the client’s growth in this booming market.

Market Expansion Services at work: providing a dedicated team
DKSH provided a customized and flexible Market Expansion Services package. DKSH not only delegated a team to fully understand the customers’ demands, but we also recreated the work process and adapted state-of-the-art technology to effectively meet the client’s need.