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Healthy hair with Dr. Wolff’s Alpecin Listen with ReadSpeaker

Dr. Wolff, a German research-based consumer health company, chose DKSH to establish its well-known hair brand Alpecin in Asia, starting in Hong Kong, without having its own local presence. DKSH’s unrivaled market coverage in Hong Kong and its relationships with chain drugstores allowed a fast product launch.

Alpecin Shampoo Factory
As market leader in many countries, Dr. Wolff’s brands are well-known in Europe and other parts of the world but only limited in Asia. A key challenge for Dr. Wolff was finding the right partner to provide it with services along the entire value chain and help it launch and introduce its technologically proven hair loss products to the mass market. Competition in the marketplace within Asia is strong due to other multinational brands and deeply rooted treatments in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
DKSH offered Dr. Wolff an integrated package of Market Expansion Services, ranging from registration, importation, marketing, sales and distribution to logistics and collection services. DKSH was able to leverage its strong customer relationship with the biggest chain of drugstores and pharmacies in Hong Kong to provide Dr. Wolff with exclusive access to Mannings (300+ outlets in Hong Kong) ensuring premium positioning of the product. Benefits for Dr. Wolff were the strong below-the-line support by Mannings thanks to DKSH’s market power, resulting in both attractive conditions for Dr. Wolff to get the brand into the store and a better positioning on the shelves. Excellent cooperation between Dr. Wolff and DKSH meant that the creative visual and copywriting initiated by Dr. Wolff had the desired marketing effect in the Hong Kong market. Supported by DKSH’s extensive relationships with media agencies for above-the-line marketing campaigns, successful market entry of the product was then further accelerated. 
DKSH ensured that Alpecin is sold exclusively in all Mannings stores in Hong Kong – thanks to its excellent key account management with main chain stores. Furthermore, DKSH has ensured a consistent market launch and premium positioning of Dr. Wollf’s product in Hong Kong. DKSH and Dr. Wolff have now expanded their relationship to other Asian markets, such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
Market Expansion Services at work: Establishing well-known western brands in Asia
Having been at home in Asia for nearly 150 years, we know how and where the selling is done and are therefore able to place the customers’ needs at the center of our attention. Thanks to this customer-centric mindset, our capillary distribution network and integrated service solutions, we supported our client in successfully entering and gaining market share in a mature consumer health segment. That’s how DKSH serves its clients.