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Overcoming Movement and Capacity Constraints to Provide Essential Products in Vietnam Listen with ReadSpeaker

The strict travel restrictions and capacity constraints during the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam did not stop DKSH from continuing to provide access to essential daily products for millions of Vietnamese during the pandemic.

As one of Vietnam’s leading business organizations with employees servicing 63 provinces, the pandemic was a huge challenge for us to overcome.

During the strict lockdown period, the population was not permitted to leave their houses and essential food supply and groceries were delivered by the government directly to households. Businesses were also closed and only the essential services could operate under strict conditions.

Keeping Medical Devices Delivery Going During a Pandemic

The pandemic proved very challenging for DKSH in Vietnam. However, as we were quick to act, we were able to face all the uncertainties and strict guidelines in the market to continue supplying our customers promptly.

Jorge Martin-Martinez, Vice President, Finance Indochina and Head of Country Management, DKSH Vietnam