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Perfect synergies mean no losers

We create added value for our business partners by becoming their strategic partner: it’s our way of delivering results.

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China, Switzerland

In 2006, Business Line Pharmaceutical Industry Switzerland was looking for a reliable di-tert-butyl dicarbonate (DiBOC) supplier, as the existing European manufacturer was no longer able to meet the specifications. The challenge was to find a supplier able to deliver large amounts of the substance, while also meeting stringent quality standards.

After auditing and evaluating several companies, DKSH decided to work with a medium-sized supplier in China, even though, up to this point, this company had never produced either the quality or quantity of the substance in question. Our industry experts then began to develop this new supplier by comprehensively advising them on how to produce the material under pharma conditions.

The initial 500 kg per year sold by our supplier in the EU has now become more than 200 tons annually, and represents market leadership for the company, thanks to the combination of reliable supply and excellent marketing. We have helped a supplier to develop from a niche manufacturer of lower grade quality to one of the top ten producers of a pharma-quality product, while at the same time penetrating the European market on an unprecedented scale.

Market Expansion Services at work: win-win experts
We meet the needs of our customers while developing the abilities of suppliers – and accessing new markets for both. It’s a clear demonstration of how we use our industry expertise to create win-win solutions for all our business partners.