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Personal Care Industry Philippines wins Innovation Award Listen with ReadSpeaker

DKSH is a trusted company whose technical expertise and commitment to innovation is recognized by our partners.

Helping Splash Corporation, one of the Philippines’ biggest manufacturer of personal care products get from their initial product idea to actual product launching faster through innovative and cost-effective products and processes.

Because of DKSH (Philippines), Inc.’s reputation for developing innovative product ideas and providing high quality specialty ingredients, it was chosen by Splash Corp to be part of a team that develops new products for them through the Open Innovation Approach.

Business Line Personal Care Industry chose to be selective and focused on projects using its core brands which have higher chances of being launched. Our outstanding product portfolio gave us an advantage over competitors while the staff of the PCI Formulation and Application Center continued to enrich themselves technically to attain shorter product development time and come up with better formulation with the lowest possible cost.

As part of our commitment to Splash Corporation in the Open-Innovation Approach, we also conduct research and analysis. This only goes to show that we do not only promote ingredients, we also provide valuable, quality products on top of the after-sales services that we give them.

DKSH broke the USD 2 million mark with this account in 2008. And for coming up with the most innovative product formulations, DKSH (Philippines), Inc was awarded the Innovation Team Award by Splash Corporation during their last Supplier’s Night event. Splash also entrusted DKSH with more projects for 2009. Currently, the PCI innovation center is working on more Splash products.

Market Expansion Services at work
DKSH is top of mind whenever there are new products to be developed. Our business partners value the time and effort we spend on their products from formulation development, production trial and even trouble shooting.