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Problem-solving the proactive way Listen with ReadSpeaker

When an opportunity arises to work with a partner to grow its business, DKSH acts fast and decisively: a business philosophy that is in everyone’s interests.

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Problem-solving the proactive way

Some years ago, representatives of the Otsuka Chemical Company met with DKSH specialists at a conference. We reviewed Otsuka’s product line and discussed which products would be most important to promote. A follow-up meeting in Otsuka’s New York office with their technical chemist and general manager focused on these products. The discussions established the goal of increasing market share in the USA and the products DKSH was to concentrate on.

After two months of market research and talks with a number of potential targets for Otsuka products, we found several customers with open projects for halogen-free flame retardants. After introducing our products at one particular global account, we had several follow-up meetings with their research scientists. They were pleased by the data and asked for a test sample, which was then evaluated in both epoxy and non-epoxy adhesives laminated on both sides with copper. The tests proved highly successful.

Since then, the copper laminate has undergone rigorous field testing and the process for obtaining UL (underwriters’ labs) certification has begun. Before the new laminate can be used in printed circuit boards, it must pass UL tests. In the meantime, DKSH North America has been working with other customers who require halogen-free retardants and has had positive results using Otsuka materials. DKSH was able to work with Otsuka on a tiered pricing system offering lower prices for higher volumes. The just reward for our efforts was very satisfied target customers and a happy manufacturer.

Market Expansion Services: for a hands-on attitude
DKSH’s proactive approach to dealing with partners and customers means we don’t have to wait for a problem to be presented. We are constantly looking to identify partners whom we can assist to increase business and drive growth – both theirs and ours.