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The French connection

Our customers can depend on DKSH for uninterrupted, on-time delivery of on-specification ingredients and professional support anywhere in the world, ensuring competitiveness and growth.

"Our concern needs 2,000 tons of raw materials every year. 300 tons are supplied by DKSH."

Our successful partnership with our customer began in 1995, when the French cosmetics company wanted to register in Europe a specialty ingredient developed by a Japanese company using innovative technology.

After enquiries from DKSH Japan, DKSH France carried out the registration, a process requiring in-depth knowledge of regulatory and legal guidelines, including patent issues. The subsequent introduction and marketing of the ingredient for use in the formulation demanded a broad understanding of chemistry and dermatology, backed up by excellence in servicing the company’s demands, requirements that DKSH is uniquely qualified to fulfill.

Following a successful introduction, the ingredient is now used in many premium products. After starting out supplying ingredients to one production site in Europe, we now deliver to 13 sites around the globe. The partnership has been further strengthened with the successful promotion and sales of other ingredients such as actives, vitamins, silicones, humectants, preservatives, waxes, beads, plant extracts, pigments and hair dyes. DKSH is growing with the customer business expansion and not only supports supply requirements at its production site in France, but also services sites around the globe. Since our customer entered the Chinese market, DKSH China has become one of its preferred suppliers for sourcing and local delivery of various ingredients and the partnership has recently been extended to include the supply of ingredients for Indonesia.

Market Expansion Services
With its global presence, DKSH is uniquely placed to offer solutions and bring companies together, forming synergies with benefits for all concerned and driving the successful business of our partners.