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Works With Water - DKSH delivers Listen with ReadSpeaker

Works With Water: DKSH delivers the market insight to develop new products.
Developing concepts for new products is one thing. Having the market insight and overview to judge the right time to develop an idea is another. Successfully bringing together ingredient innovation, technical expertise and the entrepreneur’s idea is what DKSH calls Market Expansion Services par excellence.

Woman drinking water

DKSH has a longstanding partnership with Works with Water and has helped with the research of new concepts and the supply of ingredients technology backed up by strong science from around the world thanks to the company's strong sourcing capabilities.

The DKSH Business Line Food & Beverage Industry in Great Britain approached Works with Water Neutraceuticals, a pioneering company that launched the UK’s only range of spring water beverages with clinically proven health benefits. The challenge was to enlarge and supplement the product portfolio of this company with new concepts, while developing the right ingredients and guaranteeing stable sourcing.

Analyzing the markets for beverages with functional and health ingredients, DKSH spotted several health trends that new products could capitalize on. Now it was up to the Business Line Food & Beverage Industry to design concepts for these products and to develop or source the necessary ingredients. Custom-made ingredients as well as ingredients sourced from our large network of suppliers were used in the creation of several new products.

Market Expansion Services at work: innovation, expertise and ideas create success
Works with Water have launched two new sachet ranges which targets blood pressure reduction through the use of bioactive peptides and another which improves skin health through milk protein rich in lactoferrin. The venture quickly became a success, and as well as gaining top industry recognition, the new products joined the portfolios of some of the largest retailing chains in Great Britain, with more listings pending. The new launch is a departure from Works with Water who are usually known for supplying finished beverages - this launch feeds on their customers' requirements of increased portability and ease of use in that the functional properties can be added to anything the end-consumer wants.