Media release

DKSH's Subsidiary Famous Amos Strengthens Sustainability Commitment With Kechara Empowerment Project


Famous Amos aligns its sustainability efforts with DKSH’s environmental sustainability pillar through a collaboration with Kechara Soup Kitchen to upcycle its previous staff uniforms into reusable multipurpose pouches.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, October 31, 2022 – Famous Amos, a business entity wholly owned by DKSH Malaysia, has collaborated with Kechara Soup Kitchen – a non-profit organization that strives to reduce homelessness, food wastage, and poverty in Malaysia – to upcycle its previous uniforms under the Kechara Empowerment project. This initiative is in line with the environmental pillar of DKSH’s Sustainability Framework, which focuses on “Our People – Our Partners – Our Planet” and is incorporated through various sustainability initiatives across the company.

The Kechara Empowerment project is dedicated to alleviating poverty by providing vocational training, such as sewing and baking, to the Malaysian community. To date, the program has fostered and trained 143 individuals, produced more than 15,000 products collectively, and generated an income of more than MYR 85,000.

Through the engagement with the Kechara Empowerment project, Famous Amos has successfully upcycled all its previous staff uniforms following the brand refresh initiative in 2019 and repurposed the fabrics as reusable multipurpose pouches. These unique multipurpose pouches now form part of the premium gifts under Famous Amos’ customer loyalty program. This initiative not only has the environmental benefit of reducing the amount of textile waste sent to the landfills, but also fosters entrepreneurship and boosts economic activity among the underprivileged community.

Alex Ooi, Director, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Corporation, said: “Being part of DKSH, Famous Amos is aligned with the Group’s corporate values of sustainability and empowerment in the way we operate our business and the way we engage with the local communities. This partnership with Kechara Soup Kitchen has enabled us to stay true to our corporate values, while simultaneously enriching people's lives and responsibly managing our environmental and social footprint for a more sustainable future.”