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DKSH and Honda Partner to Promote the Use of Electric Motorcycles in Logistics Transportation

DKSH and Honda Partner to Promote the Use of Electric Motorcycles in Logistics Transportation

DKSH Thailand has partnered with Honda to test out the zero-emission electric motorcycles to transport healthcare products from its distribution center in Bangkok.

Bangkok, February 2, 2022 – DKSH Thailand has joined forces with Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to trial the use of Honda’s “PCX” and “Benly-e” electric motorcycles at its Medical Devices Distribution Center in Bangkok with the aim of promoting eco-friendly logistics transportation. The electric motorcycles will operate up to three trips a day from this distribution center to deliver DKSH’s medical device products to nearby hospitals and medical facilities. The trial period, covering quarter one of 2022 with the possibly of extending to quarter two, will mark the first-ever collaboration between DKSH and Honda who both share common ground in promoting sustainable transport solutions.


Honda’s PCX Electric model has a 4,200-watt electric motor for a top speed of 74 km/h. It uses Honda’s latest swappable lithium batteries, which can travel up to a range of 41 km. on a single charge. The batteries can be shared between several vehicles, and the motorcycle comes with a built-in charger with a charge time of six hours. The PCX Electric has a front disk brake with ABS and a wireless RFID key anti-theft solution. 


The Benly-e model offers a multi-purpose alternative thanks to its big rear plateau that can be fitted with a diverse range of top cases for cargo and delivery purposes. It also uses Honda’s latest swappable lithium batteries for this model that can be shared between multiple vehicles and travel up to a range of 43 km. on a single charge. It has a charge time of three hours, a battery life of 4,000 cycles and a top speed of 67 km/h. It also features an easy-to-use digital dashboard. 


Takanori Maruyama, Director, Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., added: “Honda has always pushed the boundaries of electric vehicle technology to find the best solutions for our clients. We are pleased to be supporting DKSH on their sustainability objectives with our best-in-class products and technical expertise. Together, we will drive the future of logistics transportation in Thailand towards becoming greener, safer, and more efficient.”


Neil McCann, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, DKSH Thailand, commented: “Over the past few years, DKSH has been accelerating our deployment of innovative and sustainable transport solutions throughout our supply chain. Part of our long-term goals as a company is to promote clean energy and achieve climate neutrality by 2030. We are delighted to foster this partnership with Honda as a step towards achieving these goals, and are excited to see the results that Honda’s PCX Electric and Benly-e electric motorcycles can bring to our operations here in Thailand, where we enrich Thai patients’ lives by providing life-saving and essential medical devices.”