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Immersive Brand Experience Through Metaverse Listen with ReadSpeaker

Friday Thoughts

By now, you would have come across the term “metaverse”. Brands are jostling to deliver the next frontier of digital experience on the internet: one that is virtual, immersive, and in 3D formats.

While game developers are embracing this technology at lightspeed, established consumer brands are already queuing up to come on board as they file for patents to build virtual retail environments to sell their products and services.

The metaverse is potentially the next big thing for how we will use the internet to connect, communicate and transact. Read more on metaverse at How Brands Can Enter the Metaverse.

Dominique Specht

About the author

Dominique Specht joined DKSH in June 2011. He is the Vice President, Group Marketing & Business Development (HOS), overseeing DKSH’s Marketing activities globally and Business Development for Business Unit TEC’s Hospitality Business Line. Over the past 20 years he has been working in international environments, focused on Africa, Asia as well as Central and Eastern Europe.