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Keeping your supply chain workforce safe during COVID-19

Keeping your supply chain workforce safe during COVID-19

Businesses across most industries constantly strive to run an efficient supply chain operation. However, when the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, even the best-prepared organizations faced a daunting task to ensure the health and safety of staff while keeping operations running smoothly and effectively.

Within this unfamiliar environment, various critical businesses including distribution centers, transportation and logistics companies are required to continue operations to serve their respective markets. Chief among their concerns is the health and safety of their supply chain workforce.

As a multinational organization with a presence in 36 markets and more than 33,000 specialists around the world, DKSH is a good example of a business that needed to take immediate and proactive steps to keep its workforce safe and supply chain operations running as best as possible. Here is how we did it.

Recognizing the unprecedented situation, our first step was to identify the right partner. In this case, we worked with International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security company with more than 11,000 multicultural medical, security and logistics experts to provide support and assistance in over 90 markets.

They have vast experience of dealing with pandemics and have helped companies, hospitals and healthcare businesses across the world establish appropriate pandemic response plans. Together with their infectious disease doctors, DKSH developed and implemented stringent health and safety protocols, designed specifically for this pandemic situation.

A critical player in the global supply chain, DKSH provides healthcare products to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and retail stores; groceries and consumer goods to stores; specialty chemicals and ingredients to manufacturers; and technology products to businesses and laboratories.


In many markets we operate in, we are key to supplying what is classified as “essential goods” or medicine to healthcare practitioners and consumer goods to grocery stores. As such, our supply chain operations must remain intact with as little disruption as possible in a lockdown or restricted movement environment.

Total Quarantine Solution (TQS) effectively ensures that our distribution centers mirror the quarantine procedures of a hospital during a pandemic. While most companies, offices and buildings shut down during a pandemic, a hospital will be implementing quarantine facilities and protocols to be able to treat the infected patients, while remaining operational and safe for patients and staff.

Just like a hospital, our distribution centers put in place the same health and hygiene measures during a pandemic. This is done to ensure that infected individuals cannot enter the facilities, our staff stays healthy, our products do not get contaminated and our facilities remain operational.

This means that TQS offers enhanced health and hygiene controls with temperature checks, quarantine areas, single-entries and strict conveyer belt-like processes that everyone must pass before entering and exiting the premises.

TQS also provides us with the best method of minimizing exposure to extended closures of our facilities due to infection or loss of key operational personnel as a result of mandatory 14-day isolation orders.

For any businesses, especially those involved in supply chain operations, it is imperative to prioritize employees’ health in all your distribution, warehouse and logistic centers. While keeping your workforce safe, this also helps to safeguard the health and safety of the customers you serve.

Reach out to us if you are keen to learn more about our Total Quarantine Solution.