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Robot Chameleon to Transform Product Display Technology Listen with ReadSpeaker

Robot chameleon to transform product display technology

At first read, it may seem that this colors-shifting robot chameleon is merely an artificial camouflage technology. However, what truly got me interested in its potential are the various possibilities for various industries ahead.

This latest discovery could be a game-changer for businesses in transportation, beauty, or even fashion applications. Merchandises and products that can change and adapt their colors according to the retail environment could really bring product display to another level.

Find out more about this technology at Chameleon-inspired robot skin changes colors instantly | MIT Technology Review

Dominique Specht

About the author

Dominique Specht joined DKSH in June 2011. He is the Vice President, Group Marketing & Business Development (HOS), overseeing DKSH’s Marketing activities globally and Business Development for Business Unit TEC’s Hospitality Business Line. Over the past 20 years he has been working in international environments, focused on Africa, Asia as well as Central and Eastern Europe.