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Skin care considerations for various ages

Skin care considerations for various ages

Everyone’s beauty needs are different throughout various stages of life. Physical changes, lifestyle habits and stress are some of the key factors that can speed up the skin’s aging process. As this happens, the approach to skin care must evolve as well.

Understanding how to care for your skin will allow you to develop and adapt your regime for various ages and lifestyles. But what exactly are the typical skin care traits of specific age bands? Let us take a look.

Skin care considerations for various ages

Beauty needs for the ages

  • Cleansing approach for a flawless skin
  • Imperfections matter
  • Aim for beautiful skin
  • Just recovered from teenage acne
  • Still learning about skin and its needs
  • Desire to have soft and smooth skin for better effects after applying makeup
  • Anxiety towards skin aging
  • Busy lifestyles, limited leisure time, family responsibilities
  • Skin symptoms: signs of fatigue, an impression of duller complexion, first wrinkles appear
  • Proactive regarding skin aging process and use more anti-aging skin care products
  • Trust in their beauty
  • Lowered faith in anti-aging claims
  • Weakened confidence in beauty products
  • Skin is less hydrated, less tense and more fragile
  • Expected results from using beauty creams much more emotional than functional
  • Time for hedonism
  • Retirement opens new opportunities, more leisure time, less social pressure
  • Acceptance of skin conditions
  • Aim for comfort in self, skin moisturization and skin feeding


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Roland Kraut

About the author

Roland Kraut is based in Zurich, Switzerland. He is currently Vice President, Global Personal Care Industry, Performance Materials at DKSH Switzerland Ltd.