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Yes, you heard it here: digitization is not digital transformation Listen with ReadSpeaker

Yes, you heard it here: digitization is not digital transformation

Your management is proudly declaring that your organization is now a digital player by setting up a website, embarking on an eCommerce platform and buying the latest bot-driven customer service software.

Here is where many businesses are still confused over the real meaning of digital transformation. The process to compete and sustain a presence in the digital environment goes beyond getting yourself listed on the internet and having a CRM installed in the office.

It is about establishing value-adding, productive and effective processes that will generate a long-term competitive advantage to keep your business ahead of the rest. Read more on digital transformation at Digitizing Isn’t the Same as Digital Transformation

Dominique Specht

About the author

Dominique Specht joined DKSH in June 2011. He is the Vice President, Group Marketing & Business Development (HOS), overseeing DKSH’s Marketing activities globally and Business Development for Business Unit TEC’s Hospitality Business Line. Over the past 20 years he has been working in international environments, focused on Africa, Asia as well as Central and Eastern Europe.