DKSH activity winner is awarded a RATIONAL Combi Oven June 05, 2019

DKSH activity winner is awarded a RATIONAL Combi Oven

DKSH, a leading Market Expansion Services provider and distributor of hospitality equipment with a long history in Taiwan, recently organized an activity in search of the restaurant with the oldest operating combi oven. The winner among the restaurants will be awarded a brand-new combi oven by RATIONAL.

Taipei, Taiwan, June 5, 2019 – DKSH, a leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies seeking to grow their business in Asia, recently organized an activity called “Finding the Oldest Combi Oven“ in Taiwan. The activity included finding the restaurant with the oldest operating combi oven to award it with a brand-new one. Receiving overwhelming feedback from restaurants and hotels, the Consulate Café, the famous ocean-view restaurant in Tamsui, owning a 17-year-old combi oven was chosen as winner of this initiative. The Café was awarded a brand-new RATIONAL combi oven, with a market value of TWD 400,000.

Founded in 1996, the Consulate Café is famous for its fusion menu. The restaurant owner, Su-Jen Chang, made a major business decision 17 years ago to expand the scale of the restaurant to include Western dishes in its existing Asian menu. To manage this transition, Chang bought a RATIONAL combi oven. She explained: “A combi oven offers much more advantages than a traditional oven, ranging from saving manpower to enhancing the quality of cooking as well as increasing the overall output. Not only that it is easy to use, it is also very sturdy. Throughout the 17 years of operation, the restaurant encountered only minor problems with the device, which were always quickly solved, as DKSH’s after-sales service is only a phone call away. The oven has never ceased working nor caused any operational loss. The RATIONAL combi oven also allowed the restaurant to change its menu from time to time to adopt market trends.”

DKSH first introduced RATIONAL to Taiwan more than 25 years ago and has sold more than 2,000 devices. When RATIONAL was first introduced to Taiwan, most restaurant owners and chefs bought them to cook Western style dishes. However, this has gradually changed. Now more and more chefs and restaurants are using the oven to cook Asian food. In an interview with the Commonwealth Magazine, Tsai Rui-Lang, the Executive Chef of the Michelin star Mountain and Sea House Restaurant, mentioned the “Crispy and Juicy Roasted Pork” dish, which, as he learned from the Ponglai Pavilion’s Chef De-Shin Huang, was forgotten for many years. Due to the advanced kitchen appliances today, this classic dish is now available in the menu again. In the interview video, a RATIONAL combi oven is exactly what Chef Tsai was using to cook the dish. There is a long list of famous restaurants that are currently using combi ovens by RATIONAL in their kitchens, including Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel’s Guest House Restaurant, Longtail, RAW, Taïrroir, Palais de Chine Taipei Hotel’s Le Palais Restaurant, Shoun RyuGin Japanese Restaurant and Logy.

Weilun Tsao, Managing Director, Business Unit Technology, DKSH Taiwan, emphasizes: “The RATIONAL Combi Oven has multiple applications. You can use it to cook rice, steam custard-eggs, broil fish, make a beef stew and bake vegetables. It incorporates the healthy lifestyle trend of cooking with less oil and on low heat. In recent years, RATIONAL has even developed an auto-cleaning function. We are more than delighted that, through DKSH’s activity ʽFinding the Oldest Combi Ovenʼ, we have proven that RATIONAL Combi Oven is easy to use as well as durable. It offers a very high cost–performance ratio that all chefs and restaurant owners value.”

In addition to receiving a brand-new RATIONAL combi oven, Consulate Café will receive DKSH full support and assistance in developing a new menu to maximize the advanced function that comes with the enhanced oven model. Consulate Café owner Chang said: “We are very lucky and glad to receive this new RATIONAL Combi Oven. I am looking forward to using the new oven to serve our customers. After we replace the oven and launch a new menu in August, we plan to give customers who order dishes made by RATIONAL a 10% discount. You can find more information on this promotion campaign on our Facebook page."

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