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3M™ Allergen Protein ELISA Kit

Get confirmed, quantifiable results with solid phase sandwich ELISA tests for monitoring specific food allergens across a wide variety of foods. Designed for accurate detection of processed and unprocessed target allergen proteins, this broad portfolio of ELISA assays is one of the most comprehensive available, and can be used for clean-in-place (CIP) final rinse water, environmental swab samples, food ingredients and processed food products. A universal extraction protocol streamlines testing for multiple analytes, saving you reagents and valuable time. It's the simple way to master allergen testing.

  • Designed to detect both processed and unprocessed target allergen proteins.
  • Test can accommodate environmental swab, CIP rinse water and food samples.
  • A universal extraction protocol streamlines testing for multiple analytes, saving you reagents and valuable time.

Elisa Test

Elisa Test

Allergen Proteins Catalog Number Assay Time Limit of Detection Limit of Quantification
Almond E96ALM 11 min ± 1 min 1.9 ng/mL (ppb) 1.0 ppm
Bovine Casein E96CAS 50 min 1.7 ng/mL (ppb) 0.5 ppm
Bovine Total Milk E96MLK 50 min 5.8 ng/mL (ppb) 1.0 ppm
Brazil Nut E96BZL 50 min 1.3 ng/mL (ppb) 1.0 ppm
Cashew E96CHW 50 min 2.6 ng/mL (ppb) 0.9 ppm
Coconut E96COC 50 min 9.7 ng/mL (ppb) 2.0 ppm
Crustacean E96CRU 50 min 10.2 ng/mL (ppb) 2.0 ppm
Egg White E96EGG 50 min 2.1 ng/mL (ppb) 0.5 ppm
Fish E96FSH 50 min 2.7 ng/mL (ppb) 1.0 ppm
Hazelnut E96HZL 50 min 1.9 ng/mL (ppb) 1.0 ppm
Macadamia E96MAC 50 min 1.1 ng/mL (ppb) 0.3 ppm
Mollusk E96MOL 50 min 7.2 ng/mL (ppb) 1.0 ppm
Mustard E96MUS 50 min 3.1 ng/mL (ppb) 1.5 ppm
Peanut E96PNT 50 min 6.7 ng/mL (ppb) 2.0 ppm
Pecan E96PEC 50 min 3.7 ng/mL (ppb) 0.7 ppm
Pine Nut E96PNE 50 min 1.3 ng/mL (ppb) 0.5 ppm
Pistachio E96PST 50 min 3.5 ng/mL (ppb) 1.0 ppm
Sesame E96SES 50 min 3.7 ng/mL (ppb) 2.0 ppm
Soy E96SOY 50 min 11.0 ng/mL (ppb) 2.0 ppm
Walnut E96WAL 50 min 6.9 ng/mL (ppb) 2.0 ppm

All kits include one plate of 96 breakaway wells.

  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Education & Academics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
3M3M is a leader of innovative solutions that help the food and beverage industries optimize the quality of their products to enable consumer protection. At every step, 3M provides solutions that help mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies and impact the bottom line.
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