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ATPJET CPS series inkjet cutting plotter supply you one cutter plus one inkjet plotter together but only take one machine place. Thanks the best technical support from HP that our cartridges of cutting plotters not sensitive with the dust anymore. It will save you more time for cleaning the cartridges.

According to the first class spare parts with best quality material and HAAS CNC’S help that our cutting plotter can plotting with highest speed and cutting with the highest speed with very quiet working voice. It nearly can meet all of your requirement in the daily work. Our cutting plotters already test by 765 busy users in China and all of them happy with our products and service. Never hesitate again welcome try our CPS cutting plotter now.

Technical Specifications

Working Width Other Size can customize 47.24 Inch / 64.96 Inch / 72.83 Inch / 80.71 Inch
Cartridge Quantity 2
Speed (Test Marker Max plotting width X 5000mm) ≤120m²/h (300dpi / 600dpi)
Cutting Speed Vector 1200mm/s
Material/Thickness of Cutting Plotting paper, craft paper and other common paper 40-300g/m² (>300g/m² order by customize) / 0.3mm
Material Fixing Roller Rubbing
Max Plotting Resolution and Economic Plotting Resolution 600DPI and Economic Plotting Resolution
Inkjet Technology HP 51645A or HP 51645B or Compatible one
Paper Feeding System Inner diameter 3inch, maximal outer diameter 12inch, advised maximal weight 45kg
(You also can customized by yourself some customer use 110kg weight paper)
Front/Back Paper Feeding system (Front Paper Feeding system is default one)
Paper ≥ 20g/m² Advise use ≥ 40 g/m²
File Formats Accepted HPGL (Other Format we can customize for you)
Pc Interface USB (Ethernet Option)
Software Requirements WINDOWS 7/8 32/64 WINDOWS XP


  • Configurations vary according to options selected.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Color in catalog just for reference the machine.

Additional Information

  • Cartridge and Ink Level Auto Inspection
  • Two ways for taking up paper (free on floor / take up bar)
  • Encoder Strip to ensure the Accuracy
  • No longer sensitive to the dust during the cutting work
  • Easy Knife changing and maintenance
  • User friendly
  • Cartridge automatic cleaning
  • Best Cutting Accuracy and best plotting quality
  • 24 hours non-stop plotting/cutting even at hard working environment
  • 1 machine, 2 functions both cutting and plotting
AtpATP is the International Trade and Technical Support Department of Shanghai ATP Industrial Co., Ltd (A joint venture company with two high technology companies and one professional factory.) ATP is a premier supplier of Inkjet Printers and Inkjet Plotters and other related products to dealers and distributors worldwide serving the Textile/Apparel, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Consumer product, Industrial etc. ATP has earned the reputation as a premium brand known for exceptional quality, consistency and innovation and our credit. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the latest technologies in the reliable quality and reasonable price to all of our partners. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Welcome to visit us! You win we win! ATP will be your best choice!
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