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Biancalani - AIRO24

High-efficiency tumble dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of every woven, non woven and knitted fabric. Outstanding finishing style which has no equal in the world.

A very wide range of materials are suitable for AIRO®24 treatment. The flexibility of its functions allow this machine to adapt to any type of product: natural fibers (cotton, linen, ramie, jute, silk, wool, and blends), artificial fibers (viscose, cupro, polynosic, polyammide, Tencel, Lyocell, Modal), synthetic fibers (PES, nylon, acrylic, PP, PU, PVC) in all types of construction such as woven, knitted, terry, flock and non-woven,  with different application: apparel, upholstery, home and technical textiles. No limits in weight and width. Results are obtained in complete safety and absence of defects

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Details
Production speed up to 50 m/min
Processing speed up to 2500 m/min (93 mph or 150 km/h)
Evaporation capacity 500 kg/h (up to 750 kg/h)
Working widths up to 360 cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Air flow intensive tumble drying, mechanical chemical-free softening on dry fabric and with steam application, or after chemical impregnation
  • Softness, drape, volume, dimensional stability, elasticity and sewability (AIRO® Hand)
  • Opening of the chenille, three-dimensionality on jacquards, depth and richness of colors on yarn-dyed fabrics
  • Perfect straightening and complete relax and de-twisting of the loops (super-soft, super-swelling) on terry towel
  • Uniformity with no directionality on pile fabrics
  • Hand breaking on particularly rigid fabric, also coupled, and laminated
  • Grain-enhancement and natural/aged look on synthetic leather
  • Peachy hand on emerized and brushed surfaces
  • Single pass High Efficiency AIRO® Polymerization of resins: resilience, crease-resistance (easy care), wrinkled effect and casual look
  • Defibrillation and cleaning treatment after bio-polishing and surface finishing
  • Softness and uniformity of the surface on printed cloths
  • Preparation for shearing and coating


With this unique and patented device, which intelligently controls and optimizes the direction switching of the air which drives the fabric, AIRO®24 can finely modulate the intensity of the mechanical action independently from the drying power

A specially designed steam distribution system - composed by two steam delivery units placed at each entrance of the treatment channel – injects the desired amount of steam right into the air flow, which efficiently pushes it through the fabric throughout the whole length of the channels

Main 12.1" touch screen with auxiliary touch panel at fabric exit, redesigned user interface, new real-time monitoring, history and statistics functions, open interconnection with existing monitoring systems

  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Textile
Biancalani Textile MachinerySince 1957 at Biancalani we manufacture and sell our own-designed machines for special finishing of woven and knitted fabric. Our products are designed with experience and built with passion: the large number of users who highly value these unique finishing solutions, in every area of the textile world, rewards our steadfast pursuit of efficiency and sustainability. Biancalani always offers original and efficient solutions for the ennoblement and the perfect finish of any type of woven and knitted fabric, for every application, in a wide range of compositions and constructions.