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BRUDERER's latest high-performance fully automated punching press, the BSTA 510-150, meets the demand for increased bed length that many customers have expressed. It is based on the renowned BSTA 500 range with its tried and tested advanced technology and offers a tool die area increased by 150 mm.

Every BSTA stamping press contains decades of experience that we have built up, in responding to the demands of ambitious customers.

Important innovations and solutions which pay attention to the little details are designed to help you produce more efficiently using our machines. Try them out for yourself.

Technical Specifications

Model BSTA 510-95 BSTA 510-110 BSTA 510-125 BSTA 510-150
Press force 510 kN. 510 kN. 510 kN. 510 kN.
Tool loading area 950 mm. 1100 mm. 1250 mm. 1500 mm.
Speed Maximum 1120 spm. Maximum 1120 spm. Maximum 1050 spm. Maximum 1050 spm.
Mains voltage 400 V. 400 V. 400 V. 400 V.
Drive power of main motor 22 kW. 22 kW. 22 kW. 22 kW.
Press dimensions 2366 mm. 2366 mm. 2670 mm. 2670 mm.
Bolster plate dimensions 940x650 mm. 1080x650 mm. 1240x650 mm. 1490x650 mm.

Key Features

  • High performance stamping press with perfected mass balancing system and fixed stroke.
  • Control based on IPC, high-quality TFT display with long service life and even illumination for good readability even under difficult lighting.
  • Integrated safety control.
  • Signal transmission to the stamping press via EtherCAT bus system.
  • Precision mechanics, versatile – can be used for a number of different applications, optimum cost-benefit ratio.
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
BRUDERER AGBRUDERER is renowned the world over as a pacesetter in high-quality punching technology. Founded in 1943 by Egon Bruderer, the company took just a few years to develop from humble beginnings into a global player. This tremendous success has been made possible by three company traits, which have all become BRUDERER trademarks: performance, precision and quality.
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