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The Miniflash Flash Point Testers are uniquely designed for the determination of flash points of liquids and solids, using the Grabner flash point detection method of measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber. The Miniflash Flash Point Testers comply with the following standards: ASTM D 6450 (Flash Point by Continuously Closed Cup) ASTM D 7094 (Flash Point by Modified Continuously Closed Cup) The Miniflash Flash Point Testers correlate to the following standards: ASTM D 93 ASTM D 56 ISO 2719 (EN/DIN 13736) ISO 13736 IP 170 Key features include: Dilution Flash Point Testing Go / No Go Flash Point Testing Fast Screening Methods Automatic ignition cleaning method Maximum safety through Grabner continuously closed cup method 1 - 2 ml sample size No Open Flame, no offensive vapours in the lab Highest accuracy Wide temperature range: -25 to 400°C with external cooling (MINIFLASH FLPH TOUCH) Unique combustion analysis Fully remote operable Big, color touch-screen for convenient, intuitive menu navigation Touch Screen Runs on Microsoft® Windows®: Full integration with network, LIMS and PC Hassle-free communication and data transfer via USB and Ethernet MINIWIN software for remote control and seamless LIMS-integration (option) Available with an 8 position Autosampler USB printer support Good Laboratory Practice: User Access Control Portable for Mobile and Field Use (car battery connector) Worldwide standard method for the flavours and fragrances industry Approved for the ASTM specifications of recycled fuel and biodiesel Short measuring time (depends on sample type) due to small sample volume of 1 - 2 ml Fast thermoelectric temperature regulation (Peltier elements, optimized for life time)

  • Chemical
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powders & Pigments / Coating
Grabner InstrumentsGrabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. is known as one of the most innovative companies world wide developing and manufacturing automatic petroleum testing equipment. Grabner Instruments’ success is based on the development of highly innovative, fully automated, portable, rugged and fast & easy to operate fuel and oil analyzers for the highly accurate quality control in the laboratory as well as for fast on-site tests in mobile laboratories.
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