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The CBE systems fit within any operation. Each system includes a mono-block plastic header that offers fewer leak points as well as a lower pressure drop across the system. Each header features a high-quality stainless steel bracket for added durability and simple installation.

Systems are available in eight different configurations and can be assembled with an assortment of cartridges to address any specific set of filtration needs.

Key Features

  • Cartridges available for taste and odor, sediment, and scale reduction.
  • Mono-block plastic header offers fewer leak points and a lower pressure drop.
  • Includes high-quality stainless steel wall mounting bracket for easy installation.
  • Equipped with water pressure gauge.
  • Optional prefilter available to reduce dirt-loading and prolong the life of the cartridge.
  • Food & Beverage
AntunesAntunes is a leading custom solutions provider of countertop cooking equipment and water filtration systems for the global market. Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, Antunes is driven by a commitment to offer innovative products, premium quality and personal service rooted in lasting partnerships - to ultimately deliver on its unifying promise: to drive success for every customer.
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