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The HRS-200 systems allow customers to specify the level of hardness reduction, optimizing both hot beverage quality and equipment performance while mitigating service issues and costs.

The HRS-200 systems feature a low-cost installation package that includes the filter and head, which allows for quick, easy, and sanitary cartridge changeouts.

For the best results, the HRS-200 systems should be installed after an ultrafiltration system, which substantially reduces sediment, particulates, and chemical tastes and odors.

Key Features

  • Optimizes beverage quality for espresso-based coffee and steam equipment.
  • De-carbonization technology removes scale-forming ions.
  • Blend setting for specifying the level of hardness reduction.
  • Reduces service issues and costs.
  • Can be installed and operated horizontally or vertically.
  • System includes flush valve, carbonate hardness kit, and fittings to allow 1/2" ID hose and/or 3/8" OD tubing.
  • Food & Beverage
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