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Matthiessen Bale and Bag Opening

The Matthiessen bale and bag openers offer the best and most reliable plant infeed for waste and recyclable materials available in bags or bales. Being able to cater for different types of materials, from MSW to paper bales, the Matthiessen machines combine reliability, continuous feed and plant metering with a high openining grade of material, suitable for automatic sorting. With references in Australia, Europe and the USA, Matthiessen is proven to be the right choice.

Matthiessen Bagsplitter

The special feature of the Matthiessen bagsplitter / bag opener is that bags of various sizes are torn open and almost completely emptied. The recyclable materials are neither crushed nor ground – a very great advantage in subsequent sorting processes.

Different machine designs are available depending on the feed product and throughput capacity.
With our working widths of 1500mm — 1750mm — 2000mm we offer an economical solution, depending on the throughput capacity. Bunker sizes up to 60m³ are available.

Different rotor – comb – knife types allow optimal tearing and emptying results for the different input materials:

  • MSW (up to 50 t/h)
  • Light packaging / yellow bags (up to 20 t/h)
  • Bio Waste (up to 50 t/h)
  • Single Stream (up to 30 t/h)

Matthiessen Bale Breaker

In order to transport recyclable materials economically over long distances after the first treatment stage, they are pressed into bales of different sizes. These bales must be broken up after transport in order to feed the recyclable materials to the following processing steps. An optimal overall process is only guaranteed if errors are avoided at the beginning of the preparation chain.

Work safety / increased efficiency
Work safety has the highest priority today. Removing wires from wrapped bales is a dangerous operation when carried out manually. For this reason, our customers have entrusted us with the development of the bale breaker. These machines can process the following types of bales without any problems:

  • Mixed Plastic Bales
  • Paper Bales
  • Bottle Bales

Depending on the type of bale, the feeding capacity can be up to 30 t/h.

Tailor-made solution (with or without wiring)
Some of our customers work with bales tied with cross and/or parallel wiring. Through certain changes in the geometry of the rotor tines, it is possible for us to respond to the various tasks.

Self Cleaning System
Since each process is different and individual, the methods of maintenance and cleaning are also different. We have developed a self-cleaning rotor system for our customers, which is adjustable according to the customer’s requirements and can perform a certain number of cleaning cycles per hour. This adapts the cleaning to the bales to be processed and reduces downtimes for cross and parallel wiring.


  • Environmental
Matthiessen LagertechnikMatthiessen machines for the processing of recyclable materials Matthiessen Lagertechnik, as an independent company of the Butzkies Stahlbau group, produces machines in Krempe (50 km north of Hamburg) for the processing of valuable materials and for storage technology. Feed products of various types and qualities (household waste, yellow bag goods, industrial waste, compost, wood, paper, cardboard, etc.) are evenly loosened by our machines and fed in metered quantities to the subsequent treatment processes. In the bagsplitter product range with the specially developed ripping combs, a solution for optimum ripping and emptying rates at maximum throughput rates can be found for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the plant concept and the space available, the Matthiessen bagsplitter can be fed into bunkers of different sizes. Our feed hoppers, with and without dosing drum, have a filling volume of 20 to 100m³. Adapted to the ambient conditions, they are equipped with a chain belt or sliding floor.
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