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NEUE HERBOLD Plastics Washing

NEUE HERBOLD offers complete turn-key washing and granulation systems engineered and built in Germany. Solutions start with size reduction and washing of slightly contaminated bottles/containers and films from packaging materials, right through to heavily contaminated agricultural films.

NEUE HERBOLD Washing Plants

Tailor-made washing plants for wet recycling of plastics consisting of cutting units / wash units / separation units / drying units).

NEUE HERBOLD manufactures and sells complete washing lines for the recycling of plastics waste. Prior to re-pelletizing the plastic waste must be size reduced, washed and if necessary foreign materials separated.

NEUE HERBOLD washing lines, produce granules or flakes with a high quality even at today`s required outputs. Materials which can be recycled are for example:

  • industrial, agriculture, domestic, thin and stretch films
  • PET bottles
  • bottles and containers made of HDPE
  • tanks, bottle cases, rubbish bins
  • PVC window profiles, car battery cases


NEUE HERBOLD Granulators

NEUE HERBOLD granulators have their unique features and benefits such as the sturdy steel frame which comes with the massive construction of their granulators. Impact zones are especially on and around the sturdy steel frame. No molding parts are used for the prevention of breaking with significant burden.

NEUE HERBOLD granulators are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. The upper part of the grinding chamber and the inlet funnel are tiltable about an opening device to the rear. This easy access to the lower part of the grinding chamber is provided. There are the rotor, the rotating blades and the front and rear bed knives. The easy accessibility of the wire is ensured.


  • Environmental
Neue HerboldNeue Herbold's production range comprises the complete spectrum of size reduction technology (Shredder, Polystyrene Shredder, Bale-Breaker, Screw Shredder, Guillotines, Grinders, Granulators, Pipe-Granulators, Profile-Granulators, Hammer-Mills, Fine-Grinders, Pulverizers, Pulverisers, complete Washing Lines for the reclaim of plastics scrap, size reduction – washing – drying systems for recycling of contaminated plastics, friction washer, mechanical dryers, thermal dryers, as well as the separation technology for mixed plastics and material handling systems. None of our designs is more than 4 years old. We continually review our conceptions in our pilot plant and, if necessary, carry out adjustments.
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