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Sorema, Plastics Washing Systems

Sorema is specialized in manufacturing recycling lines for the following types of plastic: polyethylene film, LLDPE stretch film, PS yogurt cups, mixed plastic waste, mixed polymer and poly/paper laminate Sorema is also a company that holds one of the largest shares in the international market of PET bottles and containers recycling systems and has built some of the largest and most advanced bottle sorting and washing lines.

  • Water saving

In each module of the plastic washing line, water is sent upstream to the next module only after being filtered and reused several times. Water flows counter stream to the flow of the plastic and is distributed in a way so that the dirtiest water is used on the dirtiest material and the cleanest water is used on the cleanest plastic.

  • Reliability

All of Sorema’s products and technologies are the result of more than 40 years of continual engineering and experience in the recycling industry.

  • Turnkey design and excellent customer support

  • Pre-assembly at the Sorema facilities prior to shipment

  • Flexibility of design

Sorema offers various sorting and washing systems with capacities that may arrive from 500 to 5,000kg per hour. Modular design allows flexibility of installation in both new and existing facilities.

  • Available models

Both hot and cold prewash and washing modules are available depending on the input material and final application of the recycled product.

  • User-friendly interface

Easy control systems allow maximum visibility of the overall sorting and washing process. The user-friendly interface allows complete monitoring of all the parameters and data of the production process.


  • Environmental

Sorema's washing lines are ideally suited and engineered for any washing application, from used agricultural film to post consumer PET and HDPE bottles.

With lines installed worldwide, Sorema has significantly supported the recycling community, turning waste streams unto profitable products.

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