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STADLER® Sorting Plants, Ballistic Separators and Trommels

STADLER® is one of Germany's leading engineering companies specializing in sorting plants for resource recovery from waste streams. Applications range from co-mingled recyclables, household waste, commercial and industrial waste, paper to RDF and compost refining with over hundred fifty plants in operation worldwide. STADLER® is also one of the leading suppliers for ballistic separators, which separate flat from cubic material and are supplied within a turn-key plant, or are also available as a single machine.

Key Features

STADLER® Turn-Key Sorting Plants

With over 250 sorting plants and over 800 components sold worldwide, STADLER®: is a market leader for sorting plants for the recycling and waste disposal industry. Each sorting plant works efficiently and is tailored to the customer requirements. STADLER®: takes great care to ensure high-quality materials and offers precision workmanship and professional assembly.


The STADLER® Ballistic Separator
With over 750 ballistic separators sold to date, STADLER® is a worldwide market leader.  Effective sorting of material stream begins with the STADLER® ballistic separator. The sorting takes place in different fractions:

  • Rolling and heavy materials, e.g. hollow bodies, plastic bottles, stones, wood, cans and steel sections
  • Flat and light materials, e.g. films, textiles, paper, cardboard boxes and fibrous products
  • Screened fraction – various grit sizes can be separated according to paddle perforation
  • Optimal distribution to NIR (near-infrared) acceleration belt directly downstream
  • Adhesions on materials are shaken off


STADLER® Screening Drum
Also known as trommels, the screening drum of STADLER® is sorting the material stream effectively into different grit sizes and with this achieves a uniform (homogeneous) mix of different materials and a break-up of material compounds (agglomerates). The screening drums are available in various sizes with different-sized perforations, depending on the required throughput, material comp

  • Drum body
  • Sturdy sectional base frame
  • Bilateral drum bearings
  • Tub, hood, infeed, screened material and overflow chutes
  • Infeed and discharge openings
  • Maintenance openings for service and repairs
  • Dust protection capsule
  • Speed sensing switch
  • Connection for suction device
  • Environmental
StadlerSTADLER® Anlagenbau GmbH is dedicated to the planning, production and assembly of sorting systems and components for the waste disposal and recycling industry world-wide. Our slogan “Engineering at its best” not only encapsulates many years of experience and know-how but is also synonymous with quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. This guiding principle is the motivation behind everything we do. Our team consisting of over 300 qualified employees and our high-tech production guarantee the smooth running of every project. We offer you a tailor-made full service, from conceptual design to planning, production, modernisation, optimisation, assembly, start-up, conversions, disassembly, maintenance and servicing of components to complete recycling and sorting systems.
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