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Techgene Machinery Baling

Since 1999, Techgene Machinery has established itself as one of the leading baling equipment manufacturers from Taiwan, providing solutions for the waste and recycling industry. With numerous references across more than 30 countries worldwide, Techgene offers reliable technical baling solutions at a very competitive price. They can offer the full range of baling solutions from automatic horizontal baling press, close-end balers, vertical balers, corrugated sheet shredders and belt conveyor.

Many materials including paper, cardboard ,foil, PET Bottles, rigid/stiff plastics , palstic film, plastic packaging and drinks cans can be successfully baled by using Techgene's balers. Many Techgene system solutions can do much more and are suitable for almost all requirements.


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Techgene MachineryTechgene Machinery is the expert recycling baling press manufacturers in Taiwan since 1999, providing solutions and service for customer of the waste and recycling industry. All equipment is made in Taiwan! We welding and building all of the equipment with reliable technique and superior material quality, expansion of export activities to more than 30 countries all over the word.
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