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TOMRA Automatic Sorting Solution

TOMRA Sorting Solutions creates sensor-based technologies for sorting and process analysis within the recycling, mining, food and other industries. With more than 13,740 installations worldwide, TOMRA Sorting Solutions offers a unique range of complementary sorting technologies, the most extensive service base, and the widest geographic and market segment coverage in the industry. TORMA Sorting Solutions has pioneered the automation of waste sorting and is known as the world leader in this field. TOMRA continues to spearhead the development of this market by offering cutting edge technology for the sortings of recyclables. TOMRA Sorting Solutions produce simple to use and easy to install sorting equipment. With an established product family, including AUTOSORT, FINDER, COMBISENSE and X-TRACT, we support our customers in effectively getting the most out of their operations for a variety of applications including the sorting of mixed municipal waste, paper, mixed packaging or diverse plastics or recovering wire, copper or aluminum from car shredding operations, among others. Our innovative technology results in systems that can recognize even the smallest of input particles.

Typical application areas include:

  • Recycling plastic bottles - separation of PET by colour and beverage cartons
  • Paper recycling - sorting paper from mixed wastes and sorting paper from mixed wastes and sorting out a deinking fraction
  • Automotive recycling - recovery of nonferrous metals, stainless steel from mixed metals, aluminium
  • Electronic waste recycling - recovery of printed cricuit boards, precious metal compounds and nonferrous metals
  • Monitor glass recycling - sorting faceplace containing barium and conous glass containing lead oxide
  • Waste to energy - sorting plastics and flame retardant materials containing chlorine and bromine
  • Processing waste solids such as construction waste, slag and pellets
  • Commercial and industrial waste - extracting valuable materials


  • Environmental
TOMRATOMRA was founded on an innovation in 1972 that began with the design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers. Today TOMRA continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for optimal resource productivity within two main business areas: Collection Solutions (reverse vending and material recovery) and Sorting Solutions (food, recycling, and mining).
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