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Veolia Evaporation Technologies

Veolia's EVALED® evaporators offer a natural, clean separation technology with fully automized, standardized, modular units. Low in terms of energy consumption and carbon dioxide footprint, the technology ensures high cost savings and minimal environmental impact. These highly reliable evaporators are effective in reducing wastewater volume and producing high quality, reusable distillate. The applications include removal/concentration of salts, heavy metals and various other hazardous materials.

A choice of three technologies ensures more flexibility and customisation for customers:

  • The heat pump vacuum evaporation system allows better control of problematic foaming phenomena to allow total separation of metals and surfactants, for a higher yield and distillate quality. Equipped with an ozone friendly refrigerant gas and with low electrical consumption, the system provides a reliable and environmentally friendly solution.
  • The Hot/Cold Water Cogeneration evaporators allow for maximum cost and space savings by making use of your existing hot water or steam from co-generation or cooling plants. The forced circulation system also reduces fouiling and scaling phenomena, enabling the system to handle a variety of wastewater feed.
  • The Mechanical Vapour Recompression technology is specifically designed for treatment of large volumes at high temperatures. With the capacity to treat up to 63,400 gallons of distillate per day, these evaporators are especially ideal when treating large quantities of waste which can cause fouling, precipitation and crystal formation.


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VeoliaVeolia Water Technologies is a leading provider of water treatment solutions, with a portfolio of over three hundred fifty proprietary technologies and a revenue of 2.3 billion. With nine thousand employees worldwide, Veolia's global presence allows it to specialise according to your geographical needs. Beyond innovative technology development, Veolia also provides clients with tools for sustainable growth to improve economic and environmental performance by turning wastewater into a valuable resource operation.
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