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Adding a Corona treater on blown film or cast film extrusion line is essential in order to obtain a perfect surface tension prior to the following converting process. Without pretreatment the extruded substrates will not allow further converting processes due to low surface tension.

As a film manufacture you require re- liable Corona treatment equipments that can easily be maintained, be segment set-up and run production nonstop. These are key-points for a Corona treater on an extrusion line. The Vetaphone Corona treaters are designed for our customers with the customer’s challenges in mind. We focus on equipments that will make your production run smoothly with uniform dyne level and no unplanned stops.

The Vetaphone Corona treaters for extrusion line will provide higher dyne level on your materials due to the combination of ultra-efficient genera- tors and superior treatment station de- sign. The advanced electrode design eliminates fluctuations in dyne levels across the web width and furthermore guarantees no undesirable backside treatment.

The Vetaphone treater stations are all made with the unique Quick Change system that allows the operators to perform segment set-up and maintenance within minutes – thereby providing maximum production time for your extrusion line.

Vetaphone - Corona & Plasma for Extrusion

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VetaphoneVetaphone is renowned as an innovative supplier of Corona and Plasma surface treatment technology to the printing, converting, and extrusion industries. Fundamental to the growth and success of Vetaphone since the early 1950s is the personal touch that still drives our company today. Now under second-generation family management, we are proud of the close working relationship we enjoy with our customers.
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