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Wagner Magnete - Non-Ferrous Separator

Eddy current separators (ECS) are used in the recycling industry for recovering non-ferrous metals. By means of rotating, high-energy neodymium magnet systems, they generate fast-alternating magnetic fields with high intensity. As a result, non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium are flung out of the bulk solids flow.

Highly modern drive and bearing technology makes it possible to achieve previously unattained rotor speeds. Sophisticated balancing techniques are critical for rotor systems with minimal resonance and vibrations. A concentric rotor design ensures that the magnetic field has the maximum depth effect and volume expansion over the conveyor belt. In addition, the belt is made of extremely thin and wearresistant polyurethane.

  • Very high separation efficiency
  • Excellent product purity
  • Exact process repeatability
  • High level of operational safety
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Comparatively low investment costs
  • Fast return on investment
  • Made in Germany
  • Environmental
Wagner MagneteWagner Magnete has more than 65 years if experience of seperating ferrous material from bulk goods using magnetic belt technology. In 1953, Wagner Magnete built the first magnetic belt seperator. Wagner Magnete offers a wide range of well proven Eddy Current separators with configurations including eccentric and concentric rotors, further complemented with an array of personalized rotor designs to best suit the application. They also offer one of the most powerful magnets available for stainless steel separation with 11,000 Gauss.
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