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Ideal for the group. The electronic sow feeding system is particularly well suited for group management, as each sow can eat her respective amount of feed without being disturbed.

Food on call. With our electronic sow feeding system, you can assign each animal exactly the amount of feed it needs. Our technology makes this possible. The following pages show projects that WEDA has carried out domestically and abroad.

We offer three solutions for electronic sow feeding include Dynamic Group, Static Group and SowComp Twin.

Key features

  • Individual and demand-oriented feeding (liquid and dry) of up to 60 sows per station. This ensures compliance with the German Animal Welfare Ordinance with regard to the maximum number of animals per station.
  • With central selection, up to 300 sows per selection unit can be managed and up to 6 electronic sow feeding stations can be connected to the selection device
  • Station can be operated in normal or training mode
  • SowComp Twin: Easy supply of feed to up to 50 animals

Available models

1. Dynamic Group

The management of big sow group. Can contain up to 300sows per pen with multiple outlet for selection The maternity age are in different range and this could be detected by ear tag and separate farrowing sow by group selection.

2. Static Group

The best way to manage and operate sows. The Can contain maximum of 60sows per pen with one ESF station and multiple outlet also possible as an option. This method usually separate same maternity age in one pen, so it make an operation and management become simple.

3. SowComp Twin

The solution for small sow populations. The SowComp Twin is the perfect, more cost-effective solution for keeping smaller sow populations in fixed groups. Up to 50 animals can be easily supplied with feed by the SowComp Twin.

ESF function

Group management with ESF

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