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Weda - Feeding System - Freedom Farrowing System

More room for sow and piglets. Our freedom farrowing systems offer considerably more space for the sow than conventional systems. The triangular shape and the fresh nose ventilation prevent the sow from rolling and protect the piglets from being crushed by the sow.

Flexibility. The piglet protection cages in our freedom farrowing systems can be adjusted flexibly. When working in the pen, it is therefore also possible to temporarily secure the sow.

Animal welfare. Our freedom farrowing systems offer a lot of space to move around in the pen. The essential work areas are positioned in such a way that they can also be easily accessed from the corridor.

Technical specifications

Operating weight 5112 Kg
Shipping weight 4982 Kg
Maximum dump height 4.088 m
Maximum dig depth 3.652 m
Net power 33.1 kW

Key features

  • Best-in-class 500 hour greasing intervals.
  • 4 different power modes, auto idle and programmable auxiliary flows.
  • Superb tear-out and lift capacity.
  • 100% steel body work and simplified H-frame undercarriage.

Available models

Free Farrowing Area

with piglet protection cage, which can be opened after 5-7 days.

Sow can then move freely in pen (animal welfare)

  • Agriculture
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